One to One Coaching

One to One Coaching




“Improve your game and play the Elite way”

We offer one to one player coaching and bespoke development plans for all players.

We work with both individual players and teams where we provide feedback as the first steps in building a development plan with a clear set of objectives which focus on improving a players whole game.

Initial assessments cost £25 and is over an hour and half covering the following topics.

⚽️Passing ⚽️Control ⚽️Dribbling ⚽️Heading

⚽️Ball manipulation ⚽️Turning ⚽️Beating an opponent

⚽️Movement (manoeuvre) ⚽️Shielding (hiding the ball)

⚽️Running with the ball  ⚽️Ball striking

We also monitor during the assessment:

✅Attitude towards training ✅Decision making on the ball ✅Decision making off the ball

Once we have completed our initial player assessment, we look to feedback our findings and agree a bespoke player development plan.

Once we have agreed on the plan and number of sessions we will work with the player(s) and build on the areas identified to ensure they develop to next stage of their learning and development journey.

After the initial assessment cost of £25 all other sessions are £20 an hour and sometimes your players will work with another player too during the sessions to help with other support related topics but never more than two players during this phase so we can keep that 1 to 1 focus and coaching element to build on the skills required to develop the player to meet their specific target and objectives.

We offer development session for both players and whole teams.

COMMUNITY ORGANISATIONS if you have a group of individuals you would like us to support, build confidence with, develop skills and improve general health and fitness then look no further as we can create a programme or series of sessions to support your very own needs, we can tailor anything to suit, just email us for an appointment to enable us to set up a meeting and to build a plan and vision together.

PLAYERS & TEAMS If you want to progress and feel you could benefit from personalised coaching and objective driven development plans then sign up and have an Elite coach help you improve your game, skill and fitness.

SIMPLY BOOK book online, once booked a member of our team will contact you to personalise to your needs and provide a plan and beyond if required to understand and improve your bespoke requirements.


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